Thursday, March 10, 2005

Tour Kick Off

Welcome to the H2Blog.

It's early morning here in New Mexico, the car is packed and as soon as I finish coaching the Precision Poetry Drill Team, (PPDT) I leave for a 16 day, 19 reading tour. The big news is that NPR came and recorded a session on the PPDT that will probably air in April. I will post when and where to listen when I have the details.
Here is a little about the PPDT.

Desert academy's Precision Poetry Drill Team performs multi-voiced classic poems such as Blake's "The Tyger," freestyle, hip-hop takes on Poe's "The Raven," a chilling version of Szymborska's "The Terrorist He's Watching," a jazzy version of "We Real Cool," by Brooks and original spoken word. The ensemble draws inspiration from everything from jump rope rhymes, military chants, auctioneers of animals, gospel call and response to rap. It's synchronized swimming with words and Modern Greek Chorus and motor-mouthed youth spilling over with teenage angst. These kids are lettering in poetry! The Precision Poetry Drill Team is a rah-rah free zone.

What this blog is about is getting your responses to the "How to Make a Living as a Poet," book and publishing the best of them. Please write your ideas, takes, thoughts of bringing poetry to life. I look forward to hearing from you!


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