Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Institute of Social Justice and Applied Poetics

Here is the great group of young poets who are taking my applied poetics class at the Bowery Poetry Club. I brought them to the 80th Street Residence last Thursday, and they performed poetry for people living with Alzheimer's disease. You can read more about the session on Lit Kicks. I love that Levi calls it a poetry slam. One of the highlights was Bonniebel reading her original poem "Passion." We had everyone chanting the passion in call and response. She is on the far left in the photo. Below is her poem and here is a link to her great blog where you can see her design work and view a video of her performing the poem at the Nuyorican. Also attending the reading was Petra who organized the youth poetry slam nationals in Germany last year.

when it’s in your skin
deep in your bones
bursting from your soul
it’s passion
no need for motivation, pep talks or inspiration
no need to ask why, but why not
it’s passion
running, flying, weightless with everywhere to go
higher, freer inhale complete satisfaction
filling your lungs with mounds of joy
until your body spins with delight
it’s passion
you smile
you smile
you smile
and you want to be in this moment forever
you feel you move you feel you move
you release a part of yourself for everyone to see
a radiant glow of purity beams from every part of your dancing spirit
it’s passion
you don’t stop, you won’t stop, you go
you go and pass the reds, the no’s, the can’ts
you pass the reds, the no’s, the can’ts
you don’t dream because you live your dream
you don’t live in what ifs or buts, because you do
you do what makes you fly
makes you run
makes you jump
without ever getting tired
it’s passion
passion feeds action
i said, passion feeds action