Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gabrielle Bouliane- RIP

Below is a post from Mongo of IndieFeed with the sad news about sweet, talented and dedicated poet Gabrielle Bouliane. I met her in the mid 90s through her work with Poetry Slam Inc. Missing her madly. Below is a video of her performing at the Austin Poetry Slam.

IndieFeed Family...

As many of you doubtless already know, Gabrielle Bouliane passed away last night. She was surrounded by friends and family, and it sounds like she slipped away quite peacefully.

For the 35 of you who left messages for her, to be included in our special show, the sad news is that she passed away before we were able to produce the show, and get it to her. She just left us far too quickly, there at the end.

But as I discussed with Cristin this morning, healing and mourning are jobs for the living. So maybe, in that way, these messages were actually for us all along. And being able to share this great flash of hope after she is gone makes the timing quite perfect.

The show was recorded on Thursday, and releases on Monday. But it's available now, if you'd like to hear it:


Feel free to share this link widely, forward this message to your mailing lists, e-mail the info to friends, and post it to your journals and websites. Let's all sing and remember Gabrielle, and Bunny Up for her one more time.

With a heavy heart, but one buoyed by the love of this family...


P.S.. I posted this link to my LiveJournal this morning, and Cristin has also been sending it out this morning. In just over two hours, 65 people had downloaded the audio. Gabrielle continues to inspire!!!!