Thursday, March 17, 2005

Oak Trees and Spanish Moss

Honey Creek Georgia

Stopped at an old plantation and walked the grounds. The brochure talks about how after the end of a steady supply of cheap labor the plantation was no longer profitable-can you say reparations? Light rain and Spanish moss on the huge old oaks, it is beautiful here in the south. Did you know New Mexico had Indian slaves
as late as the 1920's?

Sylvia of Sycamore Gallery, in Atlanta pulled together a last minute gig, got a few people out, poured wine and made me feel at home. Jammed with the jazz band at the restaurant across the street from the restaurant. The gallery had realistic paintings by Suzy Schultz including a series of a flamingo, er Spanish dancer, not photo realism but she captures something of the person, makes you feel like you know them.

The Southeast Book Sellers Association meeting starts tomorrow. I teach a workshop, "How to Drink Coffee Like a Poet," with plenty of beatpoet slurping.

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