Sunday, March 13, 2005

Police and Poetry

I saw him parked in the middle of the highway.
I tapped my brakes and slowed down to 65 from 80.
Looked in the rearview, too late he was pulling out,
I pulled over, rolled down the widow, got my license ready.
Poet: “Hello officer, how are you today, saw you slowed down,
Please don’t give me a ticket; I’m on a book tour.
Cop: “What’s your book called?”
Poet: “How to Make a Living as a Poet.”
Cop: Hearty belly laugh, “OK, no ticket.”
He invited me to his cruiser, checked my record, and interviewed me.
Cop: “How did you get started writing?”
Poet: “Dirty limericks in the 9th grade.
I asked him if he wanted a book, he did I signed it,
To Officer Sean, thanks for keeping the roads safe for
Poets and other people.

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