Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tübingen after German poet Hölderlin

Had a wonderful time in Tübingen and the kick off of the German tour
to present the findings of the Alzpoetry pilot project sponsored by the U.S. Embassy
in Berlin. Got to row on the Neckar river and learn about Tübingen's love
of the poet Hölderlin. Tübingen is where Alois Alzheimer's presented his first paper on the disease that would care his name.

Tübingen- After Hölderlin

He stares into the distance,
face in the pear sweet sun.
Dips his head at the exact angle of want.
Holding a bouquet of wild orange roses,
anxious petals mirror his face flush with seeking.
His swan neck tilts into the hope of her.
The train pulls in and shadows our view.
Through the cold windows we see him
stalk the clattering track.
There she is- drunk with kisses.