Thursday, December 27, 2007

Poetry Night Clubs are all the Rage!

Hugo Ball around 1917.
Check out the new poetry hot spot in Vegas, with poetry on the walls and estrogen vs. testosterone slams! Las Vegas' Poetry Night Club Also not to be missed the Bowery Poetry Club is having a New Year's Eve Party, not to mention the 20 to 30 events that take place there every week. Full disclosure as Managing Director of the Bowery Poetry Club I am kind of partial to the place. Of course the original poetry night club was Cabaret Voltaire which has been saved by Swatch! Karawane anyone? I know you are thinking to yourself I wonder if Marie Osmond every did a rendition of Hugo Ball's famous poem and of the answer is yes.
Donny's sis kicks it DaDa It really is a great performance and makes me wonder how long this spoken word thing has been going on? I wonder if Homer really was our Home boy? Here is the full story of Marie's transformation and Ball's original performance