Sunday, March 12, 2006

Phoenix and Encinitas

Day One
Hit snow in Flagstaff.
The reading at the Plaid Eatery was the last poetry reading.
Reason the poets don't eat enough food.
Skinny, poor poets driving out the paying public
with their rants and raves.
Brandy L sang her sweet/sour songs.
The hosts Mr. Frip and Mr. Not Frip were fun
and curry hot. Billy C ripped it up.
Day Two
Stuck in snow for two hours over the pass into San Diego.
The new Arts Coloney is in an old motel.
Few people but ever one bought books.
I should say I brought in Corbet Dean
to Desert last week and the Admin flipped
over a graphic police poem he wrote.
I told him to read anything, the kids ooved it
but the parents went crazy.
A year ago I was dancing in an assisted living center
with the ex chief of police. Now this....
I must close for now.

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K. said...

yuck to the spam, above.

is that the price of fame? :)

I love your guide to reading poetry featured on the about poetry site. such synchronicity. i blogged my own very opinionated view on this very thing today over at my new poetry blog, 1,167 but didn't give the how-to. This is so good and constructive, and I will link to it in my sidebar.

My own suggestions for open-mic readers (partly tongue in cheek) are here, penned after an absolutely wretched open mic session in a hotel bar.

hope you can pop by...

thanks for the smile :)